Sixth Sense Cafe: POS for Food Service - Tables, Quick-service, and Retail

Point of Sale Restaurant Software for Mac and Windows  

Feature Overview
Sixth Sense Cafe is the Point of Sale industry leader for table and quick food service environments. Developed as a collaboration of successful restauraunteurs, talented servers, and experienced computer programmers, Cafe stands alone in its abilities to manage your business, serve your customers, and drive your sales.

Designed from the ground up for touch screen use staff can fly through operations without mistake. Our attention to detail allows the technology side of your business to run smooth, leaving you free to concentrate on the most important part of your business: the guest.

TableService   Table Service
Whether your serving tables, handling take out, or running bar tabs, Tables has you covered; with support for an unlimited number of simultaneous orders. We've got all the bases covered here with remote printing, guest checks, special orders, split payment, shared orders, guest numbering, and more. The order process is simplified as much as possible to improve customer service and increase table turnover with faster ordering and check out.

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Quick Service   Quick Food Service
Whenever you have a transaction where the order and the payment comes at the same time, it's Quick Service. Coffee shops, cafeterias, cash bars, cafes, yogurt shops, and delis all uses this order entry mode to complete very quick transactions of non-barcoded items.

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Retail   Retail Support
Mixed environments of food-service and retail are no problem for Sixth Sense Cafe. If you are selling bulk coffee or tea, wine, gift items, or any other barcoded item you might find it easiest to open up the Cash Register. Scan barcoded items, use quick-entry buttons, and take up to 12 forms of payment.

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Inventory Management   Inventory Management
We've built in powerful inventory controls into every copy of Sixth Sense Cafe. We support for recipes, recipe costing, automatic ordering, receiving, and department/category/family organzation. You can control your costs by tracking item movements and component costs.

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Sales Reports   Sales Reporting
Using the same application that you process your orders, you can access secured sales reporting. You can get quick snapshots of useful information with premade reports, or design your own reports with custom reporting.

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Customers   Customer Account Management
Loyalty points, gift cards, detail customer information, newsletter mail outs, in-transaction customer information updates, search by name directory, and corporate account support. Keep your customers coming back by giving them a home in your POS system.

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Employee   Employee Management
Sixth Sense Cafe helps you manage your staff by tracking their time cards, and logging transactions by server ID; ensure that your staff are staying honest, and your employee hours are totalled for your payroll. You can also run productivity reports, and deactivate terminated employees.

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Integrated Credit Card Processing   Integrated Credit Card Processing
The latest version of Sixth Sense Cafe supports integrated credit card processing in all three payment modules (Tables, Coffee Shop, and Cash Register).

Integrated processing allows you to cut down the time it takes to process a transaction, and reduces management time in end-of-day reconciliations.

Stop renting a payment processing machine and start taking payments in your POS software today!
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Multiple tax rates, training mode, profit analysis, customizable receipts, label printing, price overrides, staff memos, foreign exchange, departmentalized inventory, customizable menu, and more; the features are comprehensive. Effective business management is now within your reach when you use Sixth Sense Cafe.

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